Come.  One powerful four lettered red lettered word.   I want to live a life of stepping out of the boat and coming towards Jesus.  Yesterday this entailed a painful stretch in patience with a child and walking in more love and patience then I humanly had at the moment.  The day before involved an enjoyable evening of hospitality with new friends.  The day before that I leaped out and started a much overdue  blog.  Today the water is deeper.  Today there is a real storm and we are stepping out in the middle of it to take a raging teenager into our home and love him to healing.  We heard the Lord say, “come” as we were praying for this family.  He told us to BE part of the answer ; another experience of real prayer morphing into crazy, unexpected steps of faith.   We have nothing special to offer, we have our own family issues too.   I was tempted to use my fears and doubts as excuses to stay safely in the boat, but when I hear the voice of Jesus it makes me feel brave.  He reminds me that my only current qualification, availability, is all that is needed.  He will do His part, mine is to step out and keep my eyes on Him.  Peter’s faith swim begins with this encouragement from Jesus, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”   OK Lord, I am climbing out and expecting our story to end like it did for Peter, with a boatload of people praising and worshipping God.  It’s all right if I get a bit wet in the process.    #redletterliving

One thought on “Come

  1. love it and this was actually the devotion that I read this morning……you are so smart. isn’t it amazing how many people there are in our family with ALOT to say????? LOL cant wait for more posts!


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