I am currently re-reading the gospels and journaling all the questions Jesus asked.   This has been one of the most profound Bible studies yet! My heart is propelled towards Jesus, feeling the draw of relationship He was purposing as He invited people to engage with Him. Some chapters are just question after question as He was leading His followers to think, consider, answer, initiate, change, choose and live purposely.

The last couple of years I have bemoaned how every time I asked God a question He promptly pitched one right back at me. It frustrated me because I just wanted a simple answer. How hard can it be for God to give a simple answer?! In actuality, He exposed that I wanted a simplistic relationship, the kind where I can be passive and receive or respond accordingly. Do I really want a relationship that is all one sided? Apparently God wants more. Instead of giving into my demands for effortless exchange, He draws me in with these questions and is revealing His desire for communion. I am pressed to initiate, grow up, be brave, listen closely and leap in faith.

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