Aloha friends!  Thirsty Goose Farm was a beautiful season and I really enjoyed writing about it for you.  Now we are on to new adventures and therefore started a new blog to keep track of what is currently happening.  I won’t be writing on Thirsty Goose any longer, but  we did move all the old … More Fallingforward.life

Home Again

Now that all the little the details of settling in a new home are in place: beach chairs, kombucha scoby, house plants, shower curtain, ect, and the flurry of company has come to a quiet close, I am feeling a good dose of homesickness.  My sadness is mixed with an entertaining sense of irony that … More Home Again

Letting Go

Seven years ago, motivated by a consuming desire to experience and give “more” (not knowing what exactly that meant), we left a beautiful home and settled careers and bravely leapt into the unknown.  We had carefully considered the cost and were willing to sacrifice what was necessary in order to seek a “country of our … More Letting Go

Thai Green Curry

Just in case you aren’t sure what this picture is- it’s a snapshot of love.  At Thirsty Goose Farm, love is often spoken tangibly, and Thai green curry is a favorite act of affection.  When any of my people need some TLC, they ask for curry.  I keep the ingredients on hand like a box … More Thai Green Curry


If you’ve spent much time with me, chances are you’ve joined me on a hike.  You might even be one of the lucky ones who trekked to see a water fall and ended up sharing a dramatic helicopter rescue, saved a frostbitten dog in a wolf trap, hiked to the top of a Hawaiian volcano … More Switchback