Goodbye, Darling

I’d just packed my car and waved goodbye as I left for Seattle when one block away I realized I’d forgotten something.  Walking back into my bedroom, I found my mother furiously tearing off the wallpaper.  I’d been gone three whole minutes.   Unsure how to feel about my Mom’s zeal to redecorate and reclaim my … More Goodbye, Darling

Zucchini Bread

Growing up in Alaska, we were taught to keep our car doors locked in the summer, and it had nothing to do with thieves or kidnappers.  This special evasion training began early in childhood and was all about avoiding a neighbor’s dreaded gift of giant zucchini (if your doors were unlocked they could pile up … More Zucchini Bread

Breakfast Cookies

I wish I could remember who introduced me to the idea of cookies for breakfast- I’d like to give them a big kiss!  This may be the coffee and cookies I had for breakfast speaking:) What makes cookies OK for breakfast?  Well, these are lower in sugar and higher in fiber.  And if I ever … More Breakfast Cookies