What is God’s Will?

Recently a young woman whom I greatly respect wrote to me in frustration saying, “I would love to respond in obedience to God’s call on my life- if only I had any idea what the heck it was!”  I understand her angst, as I also spent too many years struggling with this sidetrack.  Don’t misunderstand … More What is God’s Will?


Our Creator cleverly set the universe in motion incorporating natural laws that mirror spiritual truths.  This fuels my fascination with gardening.  My heart comprehends the necessity of painful pruning in my life after I’ve seriously stressed over chopping off perfectly healthy branches and then witnessed the increased fruit a few months later.  I never appreciated … More Embrace

Season’s End

We’re busy wrapping up summer on the farm and I’m feeling reflective as I clean out last season’s old growth, making room for new crops. The garden and orchard took a beating this year; between fungus, bunnies, bugs, Bermuda grass, a hungry escapee goat, ignorance, a couple of flash floods and intense windstorms we didn’t … More Season’s End

Lessons in the Garden

Well, it was another bust season for Thirsty Goose Farm, at least in the way of gardening.  Through a series of disasters and mistakes completely different from last year’s misfortunes, we would starve to death if not for the fact other farmers actually grow food. My vineyard and beekeeping mentor busted out in belly laughter … More Lessons in the Garden