Home Again

Now that all the little the details of settling in a new home are in place: beach chairs, kombucha scoby, house plants, shower curtain, ect, and the flurry of company has come to a quiet close, I am feeling a good dose of homesickness.  My sadness is mixed with an entertaining sense of irony that … More Home Again


  Last Friday my car died in the middle of a four lane highway. I raced from work to get the the chiropractor’s office after a week of misery and not sleeping well; earlier that week I was forced to reschedule two appointments because of working late and child’s needs usurping mine, so I was … More Stranded

Stay Part 2

On the heels of my decision to stay and press in, we experienced breakthrough.  This often seems to be case- just when you run out of strength and determination, a few inches past the breaking point, there lies the finish line.  It reminds me of an incredibly emotional moment I witnessed several years ago while … More Stay Part 2


I’ve heard it said that a real friend is one who buries the body (and keeps the secret).  In this case, I truly have real friends.  This bonding body burying moment happened on the heels of a hard season of loneliness and discouragement.  My blog has been quiet as I wrestled weeds out of my … More Stay


Sometimes people break your heart.  Many of us learned this painful truth early in life, long before exiting elementary school.  It’s a risk we are all forced to live with, like car accidents. Due to the high exposure of the heart when living in a ministering community, this risk greatly increases.  Its equivalent to driving … More Heartburn