I have always craved and attempted to create community, beginning with a small band of fourth grade misfits meeting in the coat closet.  A nursing school friend and I pioneered a Christian Nurses Association at our college and I led several small groups at church.  As young marrieds we worked with youth and always had … More Community


My mother has ruined my children. When everyone else is beginning to plan their Thanksgiving menu, my household is already buzzing with busy little elves preparing for Christmas. Our “large” family has grown larger (new daughter in law), the younger kids haven’t had much opportunity to make money due to our recent move and the … More Hope

Safety- Part 2

The previous lesson prepared me for the next; sell our home, walk away from 20+ year careers and financial security and health care and serve the destitute-wherever God may lead. This was not the hardest part, nor was it where we received the majority of criticism. It was the fact we were taking our children to … More Safety- Part 2