Zucchini Bread

Growing up in Alaska, we were taught to keep our car doors locked in the summer, and it had nothing to do with thieves or kidnappers.  This special evasion training began early in childhood and was all about avoiding a neighbor’s dreaded gift of giant zucchini (if your doors were unlocked they could pile up … More Zucchini Bread

Breakfast Cookies

I wish I could remember who introduced me to the idea of cookies for breakfast- I’d like to give them a big kiss!  This may be the coffee and cookies I had for breakfast speaking:) What makes cookies OK for breakfast?  Well, these are lower in sugar and higher in fiber.  And if I ever … More Breakfast Cookies

Minty Lip Love

One dark, arctic winter day my friend Miriam and I were restless with cabin fever, so we decided to try to make some chap stick (we used lots of that stuff in Alaska!) and we wanted it to be like Burt’s Bee peppermint lip balm.  Ten minutes later we had 20 tubes of peppermint perfection … More Minty Lip Love